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Our Philosophy

We think differently about what is possible

And we empower our patients, team members and partners to do the same. When others say no, we keep questioning. When it seems impossible, we say – keep pushing until it isn’t. Because at our core, we believe we can™.

Corewell Health Labor Relations Philosophy

Our team members – whether or not represented by a union – are our most valuable asset when it comes to serving our patients and our communities. We believe that we have an obligation to inform our non-unionized team members of their choices and options and our philosophy regarding union representation.

We provide team members with competitive wage and benefit packages, safe working conditions, open two-way communications, policies that promote a fair and respectful work environment, and the opportunity for team members to develop and enhance their skills.

We strive to continually re-evaluate wage rates to assure that team members are fairly compensated and to make rate adjustments when appropriate to treat team members equitably.

Team member voice matters at Corewell Health and plays a critical role in shaping the future of our organization. Our leaders consistently hear, value, and respond to team member feedback.

It is in the best interest of Corewell Health and our non-unionized team members to maintain direct one-to-one relationships with their leaders that are free from third-party intervention.

Our mission to provide extraordinary patient care is best accomplished when our team members’ voices are heard, when we work directly with one another, and when team members speak for themselves and our patients without intervention from outside organizations. Our valued team members deliver on our mission every day when caring for our patients and the communities we serve.