Be Informed CH

Ask the Organizer

Important Questions Deserve Clear Answers


Why do I have to sign something to get information about your union?


Will I be required to pay dues to keep my job?


How long will it take to negotiate a first contract, and will I miss out on pay increases during that time?


Will the Teamsters pay my salary and provide benefits, including health care, if it takes us on strike?


Will the Teamsters guarantee mandatory nurse-to-patient staffing ratios?


How will seniority in the labor contract affect nurses’ ability to get holidays off or vacation time preferences? Or shift and schedule preferences, transfers, filling open positions, or bumping a junior team member from a shift, unit, or job?


Will the Teamsters guarantee language in the labor contract blocking Corewell Health from mandating overtime?


Will the Teamsters guarantee that we will receive a better or cheaper benefit plan than other Corewell Health team members?


Is it possible things that I like about my job will change if I become a union member? Things such as my schedule, PTO approval, or direct relationship with my manager?


Why won’t you put your promises in writing?

Paying someone to be your representative at work is a big decision and you deserve to have clear, factual answers on how unionizing will impact you.

Take a moment to ask a union organizer these questions and any others you may have.

i  In 2023, Michigan repealed its right-to-work law. This means beginning in February 2024, union security provisions in a collective
   bargaining agreement are permitted and team members can now be required to pay dues to a union as a condition of employment.
ii Seniority can be determined by years of service with Corewell Health, your hospital, by unit, current position, shift, job status FT or PT
   and can be applied differently in a collective bargaining agreement.