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Union Financials

Unions are required each year to file a document called an “LM-2,” which reports the union’s most recent financial flow. It also provides information on how the union collects and spends its members’ dues and fees. Download the Teamster’s Federal financial filing. The following chart shows how IBT International spent its money, according to its latest LM-2 report.

$ 0
Total Assets
$ 0
Total Receipts
$ 0
Total Disbursements

(see chart below)

Source: 2023 IBT International LM-2 Report. *Other: Contributions, Gifts and Grants; Strike Benefits; Fees, Fines, Assessment, etc.; Supplies for Resale; Loans Made; Repayment of Loans Obtained; To Affiliates of Funds Collected on Their Behalf; On behalf of Individual Members; Total Withheld But Not Disbursed.

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Teamster Local


Amount Teamster Local ## collected in dues in YYYY


Amount of member dues spent on contributions, gifts, and grants at the local level


Sent to its parent organization IBT International in YYYY, about ##% of dues collected.


Percentage of member dues spent on the union’s administrative costs such as employee salaries, office expenses, and money sent to its parent organization, IBT International

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per capita tax* collected by IBT International
*per capita tax is a portion of employee dues collected at the local level to fund the international


Generated through fees, fines, assessments and work permits


Spent on organizing new members and representing members


Spent on union administration and overhead, IBT employee salaries, benefits, contributions, gifts and grants in 2022


spent on political activity and lobbying


  • Total IBT International 2022 Revenue
  • IBT International spent more on the union in 2022 than it did on representing members.

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Per capita tax distributed to umbrella organization AFL-CIO