Be Informed CH

Revoke Your Signature

Here’s sample language you could use in an email to revoke your signature on a Teamsters authorization card:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am revoking my authorization for the Teamsters to represent me for the purposes of collective bargaining and resigning my union membership. Please return my authorization card to the hospital below and/or remove my name from any union authorization generated by an electronic signature. Additionally, please remove my name from future Teamsters outreach efforts and do not sell, rent or otherwise share my personal information with any other labor union or organization.

(Your Name)

(Hospital Where You Work)

(Email or Phone Number)

Paying someone to be your representative at work is a big decision and you deserve to have clear, factual answers on how unionizing will impact you.

Take a moment to ask a union organizer these questions and any others you may have.